"Gafat Endowment is a people to people non-governmental development organization committed to generate income from investing endowments on strategic industries/ services mainly in the areas of agriculture, mining, water resources, education and health; and bestow part of the money earned from the investment back to the people to help transform the region and improve the livelihood of the people of Amhara national regional state in a sustainable manner".

Gafat Endowment operates with credibility & dedicated to institutional excellence.

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  • production of flowers for export to the  international market,
  • construction of canals for irrigation and  drilling water wells,and other water Related services
  • construction of building ,road ,bridge
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Study and Design,
  • Irrigation and Drainage Study and Design,
  • Hydro geology Study and Design,
  • Road and Building Study and Design,
  • Bridge  study and design,
  • Land Use and EIA Study, and supervision of all the above.

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